What Real Estate School didn’t teach you and your broker can’t teach you…

What Real Estate School didn’t teach you and your broker can’t teach you…

Welcome to the REAL
Continuing Ed for Real Estate Agents.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with a pulse
  • Anyone who is thinking about getting their license
  • Anyone who just got their real estate license…so has a pulse
  • Agents in their first 5 years
  • Agents who have been in the business 5+ years and have no idea what they are doing
  • Agents who want to level up their Instagram
  • Agents who are restarting their career or want to boost their business
  • Agents who feel underprepared, overwhelmed, and scared out of their fucking mind
  • Agents with a sense of humor

REGULAR PRICE: $43,560.00

ONLY $435.60

What will you get in this Hilarious, Value-Packed, Genius Course?

  • Consistently generate leads
  • Create multiple lead pillars
  • Negotiate with confidence (win negotiations)
  • Implement The Broke Agent’s Instagram secrets
  • Become the obvious choice for buyers and sellers
  • Attract inbound referrals
  • Build a bulletproof business plan

Still not convinced?
Are you insane?

Every agent knows that pre-licensing courses, the real estate exam, and continuing education teach us nothing. Sure, you probably learned how many square feet in an acre and how many sections in a standard township, but other than that, once you pass the test you are pretty much on your own.

Now you’re expected to generate business and handle the transaction of another person’s most valuable asset! Pretty terrifying, right? That’s because it is. Agents are thrown into the gauntlet with little-to-no guidance and the overbearing pressure that comes with a commission-only job.

That’s why we created this course:
to make real estate a little less terrifying.

Basically, we want to help you feel less like an idiot. And don’t worry, this isn’t another course that will put you to sleep. It’s 65+ videos of funny, edgy edutainment taught by people who actually sell real estate (or at least most of them… The Broke Agent teaches Instagram).

So, let’s get into what you’ll get in this course.

Meet your self proclaimed “Professors”

The Broke Agent

Don’t worry, The Broke Agent is not teaching how to sell real estate. But he is teaching how to grow your instagram as a real estate agent. In his section, you will learn the exact tactics The Broke Agent uses to gain more followers and get more engagement.

Byron Lazine

Byron Lazine is going to teach you all the best practices that he has acquired over the past 10+ years which have enabled him to build the #1 team in the state of Connecticut for total transactions. He still owns this team today and is expected to do 1,000+ transactions this year alone.

Matt Lionetti

Here for a good time. Matt Lionetti is a hilarious content creator and a top agent at The Agency in Toronto. He will be playing the role of student in this course. We think you will relate.

Ben Fisher

Ben Fisher is going to teach you how he built one of the top teams in Southern California through open houses. Basically he’s here to make sure you don’t fuck up your open house and you actually get business from them.

The Course Sections

  • Lead Pillars
  • How to Use Dialers
  • Neighborhood Farming
  • Agent Referrals
  • Online Leads
  • Picking a Team or Brokerage
  • Negotiations
  • Working with Buyer
  • Business & Life Plan
  • Instagram Profile Optimization
  • Growth on Instagram
  • Increasing Instagram Engagement
  • Tips and Tricks for Instagram
  • Instagram Hacks
  • Utilizing Reels
  • Instagram Content Examples for Agents
  • Open House Strategy
  • 65+ Videos

Lifetime access. Updated and new content added as necessary. This course will not give you a single continuing Ed credit required to keep your license active. Taking this course is not your way out of being accountable to real estate coaching. This course only guarantees that it will help you not look like an idiot.

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